TransplantREADY PKP prepunched PKP donor graft using the Abdullayev Interrupted Corneal Punch

Streamlining Surgical Procedures with TransplantREADY® PKP

Lions World Vision Institute introduces a novel TransplantREADY® PKP. Developed to save time in the O.R. and reduce expense, the Prepunched PKP is available in various diameters to meet surgeons’ preferences.

As our wide array of TransplantREADY services continues to grow, TransplantREADY, prepunched PK is now offered at LWVI with an accompanying recipient trephine, an LWVI exclusive service. With this convenient option, surgical centers do not need to maintain an inventory of donor punches or recipient trephines.

TransplantREADY® PKP is a prepunched PKP donor graft using the Abdullayev Interrupted Corneal Punch in the clean room environment of the eye bank. Prepared grafts are secured with a 1.5 mm partial thickness hinge securing the cornea during transport and is easily released by the surgeon in the O.R.

TransplantREADY® PKP is prepared using a specialty designed interrupted donor punch blade that provides a clean full thickness cut through the cornea. The interrupted portion of the donor punch creates a donor button with a partially cut 1.5mm bridge for easy separation.

TransplantREADY PKP Abdullayev Interrupted Corneal Punch
Abdullayev Interrupted Corneal Punch

TransplantREADY® PKP graft is unaffected by prepunched processing at the eye bank.


  • Central cornea stays clear up to 168 hours/7 days post processing.


  • Peripheral thickness of incision does not change up to 3.5 days post preparation.
  • Gradual increase of peripheral thickness at incision after 3.5 days.
  • Central thickness unchanged up to 7 days.


  • No reduction in endothelial cell density or changes in morphology observed up to 7 days of storage.

Storage & Transport

  • With corneoscleral rim attached by the 1.5mm bridge, graft is secure in the cornea viewing chamber up to 7 days in transport.

PKP Sizes, includes Trephine

TransplantREADY PKP Recipient Trephine
Recipient Trephine
Eye bank technicians in class 100 clean rooms preparing tissue for surgery
From tissue evaluation to the most advanced processing, our expertly trained, certified eye bank technicians prepare tissue daily for transplant cases, including PKP, ALK, DSAEK, DMEK, and Sterile Cornea.

Read What Surgeons Are Saying About TransplantREADY PKP

“The TransplantReady PKP streamlines traditional PKP by shortening OR time, reduces surgical center inventory and expiration risks, while maintaining excellent surgical outcomes.”

Eric Abdullayev, MD, MBA, CEBT

“Pre-punched PKP has been a welcome change to my practice. I can still provide the same surgical results without my surgery center having to stock every different size donor punch and recipient trephine”

Suhrob Saidjonov, MD Microsurgery of the Eye, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

“It’s convenient that the graft is pre-punched and recipient trephine is included – saves significant time in the OR. All grafts have arrived intact and transparent.”

Benjamin Lambright, MD West Coast Eye Institute, Lecanto, FL

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