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Who We Are

Lions World Vision Institute is a global nonprofit dedicated to honoring vision as a basic human right. Our work extends around the globe and includes compassionate donation and transplant services, innovative research and technologies, vision services and education in local and international communities. With our worldwide network of supporters, surgeons, and research leaders, we work tirelessly to honor a donor’s gift by protecting and restoring sight for hundreds of thousands of people—transforming lives around the world.

Our cornerstones are:

  • Donation and Transplant Services: We are a global leader in transplant facilitation, working closely with donor families, transplant recipients, hospitals, and surgeons to provide hope and healing through cornea and tissue transplantation.
  • Research & Innovation: Our medical innovations and research breakthroughs are designed to ease cornea transplantation for surgeons and improve outcomes for patients.
  • Prevention & Education: Our nationally recognized community programs allow thousands of children free access to eye care every year – protecting their right to clear sight.

Since our founding in 1969, we have given the life-transformative gift of sight to more than 500,000 men, women, and children worldwide.

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Our Mission
To elevate standards in sight restoration, tissue transplantation, research, and education.