Surgeon Testimonials

Surgeon testimonial: Dr. Edelstein

“The innovative delivery device designed for TransplantREADY Endo-in DMEK and DSEAK is a game changer. The advantages over other tissue insertion techniques include: (1) minimal endothelial cell damage and (2) allows for controlled and reproducible EK tissue insertion. The hands-on instruction and practical sessions were first-rate.”

— Sean Edelstein, MD

“The TransplantREADY Endo-In DMEK delivery into the AC is streamlined saving time and expense in the OR. Unscrolling and positioning the graft in the AC takes 90% less effort and time than the traditional DMEK delivery device”

— Craig Berger, MD

“Easiest and fastest DSAEK I’ve performed since 2007; the graft basically opened by itself. The graph looked like a million dollars PO1D, not a single striae observed.”

— Thomas A. Planchard, MD

“In a recent study performed with LWVI we demonstrated 4 times less endothelial cell loss using TransplantREADY DSAEK injection from a Weiss Glass Cannula compared to DSAEK pull-through using a Busin Glide and forceps insertion technique.”

— Jason Miles, M.D.
Surgeon testimonial: Kathryn Colby MD

“Preloaded tissue reduces the surgical time of my cases, and I don’t have the stress of having to trephine and load my own tissue.”

— Kathryn A. Colby, MD
Surgeon testimonial: Dr. Aarup Kubal

“We used two OptiGraft half-moon patch grafts today. Loved them! Packaging is so much better than that of the competitor.”

— Aarup Kubal, MD

“The LEITR Fellows Training Program was an incredible experience with hands-on wet lab training and guidance from experts in the field. I felt comfortable with the newest techniques in preloaded DSAEK and DMEK afterwards and look forward to applying everything I learned to my practice.”

— Shelly Watson, M.D.

“Lions World Vision Institute made my transition to preloaded DMEK and DSAEK tissue seamless — the process is easy to learn and greatly reduces my surgical time. I also feel confident that the eye bank’s tissue preparation method preserves maximal endothelial cell density.”

— Laura Palazzolo, MD
Dr. Lambright

“The risk, stress, time, and money of prepping my own tissue is eliminated with preloaded tissue from Lions World Vision Institute. It allows me to focus on my patient by requesting specific preferences from their technicians—they prepare more corneas weekly than many surgeons would in a year.”

— Benjamin K. Lambright, M.D
Mark Gorovoy MD

“Having peeled close to a thousand DMEK donors with the SCUBA technique has given me a unique perspective on the tremendous advantages of the new Lions World Vision Institute hydrodissection technique (Blister Method). I only do the Blister Method. It’s a game changer!”

— Dr. Mark Gorovoy

“Preloaded ultrathin DSAEK tissue in the Weiss Glass Cannula allows me to gently transfer tissue into the anterior chamber using a no-touch fluid injection technique and opens  orientated correctly.”

— Steven Kane, M.D.
Alejandro Candray MD

“Using Lions World Vision Institute’s preloaded graft in the Weiss glass cannula, allowed me to confidently perform my first case of DSAEK ever, leaving the pre-cut and pre-loaded process of this delicate tissue to their expert processing and services.”

— Alejandro Candray, MD
El Salvador

“The assembly was easy to handle and intuitive to use. The preloaded nature also simplifies the surgical set up for DSAEK procedure.”

— Simon Fung, MD

Fellowship Training Course
“Just want to thank each of you for an incredible training program this weekend! Without question, this was the best organized and highest yield course I have ever attended. I really appreciate everything you do to advance our field and the passion you provide in training.”

— Neel D. Pasricha, MD – Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL

“Pre-punched PKP has been a welcome change to my practice. I can still provide the same surgical results without my surgery center having to stock every different size donor punch and recipient trephine”

— Benjamin Lambright, MD – West Coast Eye Institute, Lecanto, FL

Fellowship Training Course
“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” Xunzi (340 – 245 BC) Hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as experience, and true learning is only evident when experience produces an action. Personally, participating in LEITR’s 2022 cornea training was an all-round action learning, hands-on experience delivered by experts and surprisingly at no training cost!”

— Onyinye Onyia, MD
Priya Mathews MD MPH

“Beautiful case, Opened right away.”

— Priya Mathews, MD, MPH

“The assembly was easy to handle and intuitive to use. The preloaded nature also simplifies the surgical set up for DSAEK procedure.”

— Simon Fung MD

“This was an excellent training course, and I feel confident to use this method on my next DSAEK case.”

— Ron Gaster, MD, FACS

“The new pre-loaded DSEK with the tissue in the Weiss glass cannula takes the stress out of loading and insertion, so that the surgeon can focus on the intraocular portions and steps of DSEK to achieve the optimal patient outcomes. It should enhance speed of the procedure while minimizing trauma to endothelial cells, both of which would enhance patient recovery.”

— Bala Ambati, MD

“The TransplantREADY preloaded DSAEK process is the ideal type of no-touch technique which spares endothelial trauma during the insertion process and allows the surgeon to easily visualize the orientation of the tissue once it enters the eye. It provides a nice transition for the surgeon who is contemplating making the transition to DMEK.”

— Steven Rosenfeld, MD