Welcome to Lions World Vision Institute’s Surgeon Training Program

Along with the expansion of our tissue services, our surgeon training program continues to grow with the rapid advancements in technologies and new procedures. Our commitment to provide training opportunities and resources to assist surgeons in mastering the latest techniques strengthens every year.

The successful combination of instruction from experts in the cornea field and our innovative tissue preparation allows for immediate skill transfer and use in practice. Training is developed and tailored to specific needs, whether it be a wet lab on location, online didactic and surgical reviews, or a multiple day course hosted at our state-of-the-art surgical training facility.

“Without question this is the best organized and highest yield course I have ever attended.”
—Neel Pasricha, MD

Surgeon training events

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We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients with tissue processed using propriety techniques to significantly reduce endothelial cell loss and implanted using patent pending delivery devices. Our team of highly trained representatives are available to assist with specialty wet lab sessions to best accommodate your busy schedule.

  • On-site training and facility tour, Tampa, FL
  • One-on-one training at your facility
  • Wet lab kit delivered to you and remote/zoom training
  • Wet labs available at various conferences

Learn our innovative techniques from some of the most experienced surgeons around the world

Dr. Lambright at a microscope during a surgeon training wet lab
Benjamin Lambright, MD, LWVI Medical Director, sharing the surgical steps required during a TransplantREADY Endo-In DMEK wet lab

TransplantREADY® Endo-In DMEK

The Endo-In DMEK delivery system positions the DMEK graft with the endothelium on the inside of the scroll. As the graft is slowly introduced into the AC, it opens in an effort to return to its natural configuration of Endo-out.

  • Prepared using a no-touch hydro-dissection technique
  • Significantly reduces endothelial cell loss; documented benefits include 10x less endothelial cell loss compared to dissection and staining with the SCUBA technique.
  • Preloaded Endo-In using a tri-fold technique
  • Endo-In configuration allows graft to unscroll without external tapping
  • Time and expense saved in the O.R.

Patent pending.

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Introduction to TransplantREADY Endo-In
“Endo-in DMEK is the advancement in EK we have all been waiting for. It makes DMEK into a predictable procedure with less trauma to endothelial cells. This is the only way injectable DMEK should be done.”
– Benjamin Lambright, MD – West Coast Eye Institute, Lecanto, FL
Dr Heydenrych wet lab
Leonard Heydenrych, MD, presenting and sharing his surgical pearls using TransplantREADY Endo-In DMEK in complex eyes
TransplantREADY DSAEK Surgeon Training Presentation Video
TransplantREADY DSAEK Surgeon Training Presentation

TransplantREADY® DSAEK

Designed specifically for preloaded ultrathin DSAEK grafts (40-70 microns). A proprietary trifold loading technique is used to safely secure tissue endothelial side in and maintain correct orientation during transport. TransplantREADY DSAEK delivers the graft into the anterior chamber with 3 times less endothelial loss compared to traditional techniques.

  • 3mm diameter delivery system
  • Delivers graft using fluid injection
  • Preloaded for no-touch delivery
  • Closed system provides deep stable chamber
  • Eliminates need for punch, forceps and A/C maintainer

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Dr De Rojas surgeon training presentationJoaquin De Rojas, MD, Sarasota, FL, shares informative key steps for TransplantREADY DSAEK

Here's What Surgeons Are Saying About Our Surgeon Training

Shelly Watson, M.D. Surgeon Training Testimonial

“The LEITR Fellows Training Program was an incredible experience with hands-on wet lab training and guidance from experts in the field. I felt comfortable with the newest techniques in preloaded DSAEK and DMEK afterwards and look forward to applying everything I learned to my practice.”

Shelly Watson, M.D.

Laura Palazzolo, MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“Lions World Vision Institute made my transition to preloaded DMEK and DSAEK tissue seamless — the process is easy to learn and greatly reduces my surgical time. I also feel confident that the eye bank’s tissue preparation method preserves maximal endothelial cell density.”

Laura Palazzolo, MD

Neel D. Pasricha, MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“Just want to thank each of you for an incredible training program this weekend! Without question, this was the best organized and highest yield course I have ever attended. I really appreciate everything you do to advance our field and the passion you provide in training.”

Neel D. Pasricha, MD Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL

Onyinye Onyia, MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” Xunzi (340 – 245 BC) Hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as experience, and true learning is only evident when experience produces an action. Personally, participating in LEITR’s 2022 cornea training was an all-round action learning, hands-on experience delivered by experts and surprisingly at no training cost!”

Onyinye Onyia, MD

Simon Fung MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“The assembly was easy to handle and intuitive to use. The preloaded nature also simplifies the surgical set up for DSAEK procedure.”

Simon Fung MD

Surgeon Training Testimonial

“This was an excellent training course, and I feel confident to use this method on my next DSAEK case.”

Ron Gaster, MD, FACS

Bala Ambati, MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“The new pre-loaded DSEK with the tissue in the Weiss glass cannula takes the stress out of loading and insertion, so that the surgeon can focus on the intraocular portions and steps of DSEK to achieve the optimal patient outcomes. It should enhance speed of the procedure while minimizing trauma to endothelial cells, both of which would enhance patient recovery.”

Bala Ambati, MD

Steven Rosenfeld, MD Surgeon Training Testimonial

“The TransplantREADY preloaded DSAEK process is the ideal type of no-touch technique which spares endothelial trauma during the insertion process and allows the surgeon to easily visualize the orientation of the tissue once it enters the eye. It provides a nice transition for the surgeon who is contemplating making the transition to DMEK.”

Steven Rosenfeld, MD