Tribute Wall

Tribute Wall

About The Tribute Wall

LWVI’s Tribute Wall was developed as a beautiful platform for honoring and remembering those touched by donation and transplantation, celebrating the profound impact of these acts of kindness. Whether you’re part of a donor family, a transplant recipient, or a supporter of LWVI, this wall is a place to share your story, gratitude, and commitment. To post a message, make a contribution of any size to Lions World Vision Institute Foundation today. This allows us to cover administrative costs and support our mission.

To view Tribute messages and learn more about each Tribute, please click on the photo of your choice.

LWVI Tribute Wall FAQs

Make a contribution of any size to Lions World Vision Institute. Once you submit your contribution, there will be a link on the thank you page that will take you to the Tribute Wall Submission Form. There will also be a link on the submission form in your email.

Contributions can be mailed to: LWVI Foundation 1410 N 21st St, Tampa, FL 33605. Once you mail in your contribution, please email to receive the link to the submission form.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your message to be posted.

We ask that you keep your messages relevant and respectful. We may remove any message that violates these guidelines. In particular personal attacks, inappropriate or hateful language, bigotry, and spamming will not be tolerated. We may remove messages that contain personal fundraiser asks or include personal contact information. We reserve the right to remove messages advertising commercial products, as well as those that are illegal or are inaccurate or otherwise objectionable.

We reserve the right to delete messages that negatively affect the overall visitor experience.

First, open the Tribute Wall page on your computer. Once you have it open, you’ll need to search for the message. To do this, press the ‘CTRL’ key and the ‘F’ key on your keyboard at the same time. This action brings up a small search box on your screen.

In the search box that appears, you can type in the name of your loved one or your own name – whichever is mentioned in the message you’re looking for. After typing the name, press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard. This will highlight the names that match your search on the page. If there are multiple matches, you can navigate through them by clicking on the up and down arrows in the search box. This helps you move to the next or previous mention of the name on the page.

If you don’t find the message right away, make sure you’ve typed the name correctly. Misspellings can prevent you from finding the message you’re looking for.

Remember, this process allows you to search through the text that’s currently visible on your screen. If the Tribute Wall contains more messages than can be displayed at once, you may need to scroll down the page and repeat the search as new sections of the page become visible.

Your message on the Tribute Wall holds great significance, serving as a beacon of remembrance, gratitude, and support. Once you contribute your message, it will be respectfully displayed for a duration of 1 year from the contribution date. This timeframe ensures that the Tribute Wall remains a dynamic and evolving space, honoring new stories and memories while celebrating the ongoing legacy of those who have contributed to our cause.

More questions?

Please contact or (813) 289-1200.