Community Resources

Our programs offer invaluable community resources tailored to three distinct needs within our community. For caregivers, we provide a wealth of support and guidance, ensuring they have access to essential tools and information to enhance their caregiving journey. For educators, we offer innovative materials and workshops designed to enrich teaching practices and foster student success. Additionally, for eye care professionals, we provide specialized resources to aid in delivering quality eye care services to individuals in need.

For Caregivers

Community Resources for Caregivers. About this photo: Two adults and two children leaning on a table with a map, notebook and tabletAs caregivers, your role is pivotal in nurturing and protecting the health and well-being of those you care for. LWVI’s curated selection of free community resources is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to ensure the best possible care for your loved ones. From educational materials on pediatric vision health to guides on navigating vision care services, and access to community support networks, we provide comprehensive resources to assist you in your caregiving journey. Explore our resources and discover how you can enhance the vision health and overall well-being of those under your care.




For Educators

Supporting Educators in Promoting Vision Health

Community Resources for Educators. About this photo: An education professional sitting at a table with a group of three childrenEducators, teachers, and school nurses are often on the front lines of detecting vision issues in children. Lions World Vision Institute is committed to supporting you with a suite of free community resources tailored to your unique needs. Our resources include detailed screening guides, educational materials on eye health, and information on how to integrate vision health into your school’s wellness programs. Additionally, we offer direct access to our Vision Screening Program calendar for scheduling free on-site screenings. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to be a champion of vision health in your educational community.

Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris

STEM Curriculum Lions World Vision Institute’s Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris and Vision Unlocked engages learners through STEM modules designed to introduce young learners to the world of eyes. Students explore basic eye education alongside their guides – Lens & Iris – two bright and curious lion cub siblings.

Topics include:

  • Eye Anatomy
  • Eye Hygiene
  • Preventable Blindness

Students are challenged to “solve a mystery” or “go on an exploration safari” through their own lens – literally and figuratively! Worksheets, art pages to color, and other creative activities can be completed individually or in a group.

Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris can supplement the current STEM curriculum, provide teachers with activities to help prepare students for in-school vision screenings and energize excitement about the wonders of vision. The Lions World Vision Institute’s Eye Adventures with Lens and Iris curriculum is geared toward grades K-5.


Teacher Version
Student Version

Lens and Iris's adventures continue in a curriculum designed for grades 6-8 called Vision UnLockedLens and Iris’s adventures continue in a curriculum designed for grades 6-8 called Vision UnLocked. Vision UnLocked immerses middle schoolers in STEM modules designed to introduce students to the relevance and importance of vision health. Centered around a locker-themed scavenger hunt, students will find clues to complete their journey toward understanding their eyes.

Topics include:

  • How vision develops throughout childhood
  • Common eye and vision issues
  • Preventative measures students can take to keep their eyes healthy


Teacher Version
Student Version

For Eye Care Professionals

Volunteer -or- become an independent contractor with LWVI to practice your specialty within the community so more kids see clearly. We have immediate openings for eye care professionals to commit their time once per month to a community vision clinic for youths aged 17 and under. We partner with various community support agencies to provide convenient locations for our clinics. You’ll have your choice of area to serve in Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties. All standard equipment for your practice is provided so abbreviated dry eye exams are easily administered at any community location. Both volunteer and compensated contributors are expected to be available for four hours of the day, plus travel time, to allow for appropriate examination time at each community/school site served.


As the Optometrist-On-Duty you will provide eye care services at a community location under direct supervision of the Lions World Vision Institute. All roles and responsibilities apply as they would in any clinical exam setting under Florida law. All standard equipment for your profession is provided. Optometrists who wish to be paid for their professional services must provide Lions World Vision Institute with the following:

  1. Proof of Professional Licensure
  2. Proof of Medical Malpractice Insurance
  3. Pass a Basic Background Check
  4. Signed Participation Form
  5. An up-to-date resume


As the Optician-On-Duty you will provide the children with styling and measuring of their new frames and create eyeglasses from the optometrist’s prescription with our mobile lab equipment. Our eyeglass orders can also be submitted to our lab to fill, if needed.


Eye care clinicians and doctors can be paid for their time per vision clinic event. As a volunteer we will have you submit our In-Kind form signed by you to verify your (4-hr) contribution. Please contact Vision Health Program Manager, Stephen Casto, LDO at for more information regarding per diem or hourly compensation for this opportunity.

Volunteer with us!

At LWVI, we offer diverse volunteer opportunities. Explore the many ways you can get involved and make a meaningful contribution to our cause. Click here to sign up.