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Advancing the science of eye care and transplant technologies through innovation and development of new treatments for ophthalmic diseases.

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Supplying high quality, low death to preservation tissue

Lions World Vision Institute typically supplies ocular tissues with the following criteria:

  • High quality and low death-to-preservation time
  • Age, race, and gender-specific criteria
  • Control and diseased tissue to include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy
  • Whole globes, corneas, lenses, sclera, retinas/RPE, trabecular meshwork, optic nerves, and other tissue as requested
  • Access to donor medical history as known at the time of death

Death-to-Preservation Time

For 2022, >88% of our 390 whole globe donors were recovered in under 6 hours.
Pie Chart of Death-to-Preservation time detailing 18% of cases are preserved within four hours after death, 50% of cases are preserved between four and six hours after death, 20% of cases are preserved between six and eight hours after death, 8% of cases are preserved between eight and twelve hours after death, and 4% of cases persevered more than twelve hours after death.

Lions World Vision Institute typically supplies ocular tissues with the following criteria:

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Research Publications
We supply some of the world’s largest and most prestigious institutions & ophthalmic companies with an unsurpassed quality and volume of research tissue including Rutgers, Emory, Singapore Eye Hospital, Moorfields London, Alcon, Allergan, Bausch & Lomb, Novatis & Genentech. Many of these projects have resulted in publications. For further information please contact our team:
Research Advisory Board
We are fortunate to have a dedicated advisory board composed of basic scientists, clinician scientists, and industry leaders who advise us on changes to the field of eye research. This highly talented and accomplished group assists with identifying the changing needs of university and health care professionals who need high-quality human eye tissues to research eye diseases and test new surgical and pharmaceutical therapies.

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