Connections and Community

Moments of Comfort During Times of Pain

Honoring Your Loved One

Though your loved one’s formal funeral or memorial service may have already occurred, you may find it helpful to continue everyday rituals of connection, such as listening to your love one’s favorite song or cooking their favorite recipe. Here are some further ideas for remembering your loved one.

As you navigate your path to healing, we offer suggestions for remembering and staying connected to your loved one. You may also find it beneficial to connect with other donor families on similar bereavement journeys or write a letter about your loved one to the person who received your loved one’s donation. If assistance is needed, please reach out to our Family Services Department

Share your story of hope.

As Lonely as Grief Can Sometimes Be

You Are Not Alone

When you feel comfortable, Lions World Vision Institutes community of donor families awaits your courage, perspective, ideas, and heart. If you have questions or would like more information on the touch points of community support and healing, please contact our Family Services Department.

Join our private Donor Family Facebook group, a safe space to share your joy and sorrows, and where every discussion is met with acceptance and understanding.

Navigating Grief

Share your story of hope.