When Tim and Jean Ledvina met, Jean had already been working as a physical education teacher. She inspired Tim to become an educator and he taught high school history for several years in Minnesota and Iowa.

Jean and her family were also avid golfers and they taught Tim to play. Jean would always beat him (except on those special occasions when she let him win!). Tim eventually became so good at golf that he became a PGA pro. He left the education field to pursue a career managing two golf courses in South Carolina.

Tim had been part of the Chamber of Commerce in Gainesville and was aware of the need for donation. After Jean’s father passed away and became a donor, Tim always kept that in mind. Tim became a donor on June 6, 2018.

“I knew that this is what Tim had wanted and had signed up for… I think it’s wonderful that [he] was able to help two people regain their sight.” – Jean Ledvina

Tim and Jean were married for 50 wonderful years. Together, they had three children, two grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter.