Advanced Cornea Processing for DMEK

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Hydrodissection “Blister” Technique Lions World Vision Institute’s no-touch hydrodissection technique for preparing DMEK grafts uses Trypan Blue to simultaneously dissect and stain Descemet’s membrane. Endothelial cells are preserved by limiting tissue manipulation and exposure of endothelium to the stain during preparation. No-Touch Technique Graft is supported evenly by fluid during dissection Instant staining isolates exposure of Trypan Blue to DM Decreases endothelial cell loss Decreases processing failure rate Lions World Vision Institute (LWVI) introduced the Blister technique in 2012. After multiple studies, this unique procedure demonstrated safer and more reliable outcomes for gently dissecting DMEK grafts.1,2 Most eye banks continue to use the “Submerged Cornea Using Backwards Away” (SCUBA) method3 because it was the initial approach used by surgeons in the operating room. The advantages of the Blister method align with LWVI’s innovative culture of improving standards and providing the highest quality tissue possible with the objective of improving clinical outcomes.

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